14 September 2020 #Europe #SMMT News

EU and UK automotive leaders unite to call for urgent agreement of an ambitious free trade deal before the end of the transition period in just 15 weeks’ time.
New calculations show the catastrophic impact of ‘no deal’ with WTO tariffs putting production of some 3 million EU and UK built cars and vans at risk over next five years.
‘No deal’ would mean combined EU-UK trade losses worth up to €110 billion to 2025, on top of around €100 billion in lost production value so far this year because of coronavirus crisis.

UK car manufacturing

UK car manufacturing output declines -48.2% in June with 56,594 units produced, rounding off weakest six months since 1954.
Factories turn out just 381,357 cars in the year-to-date, down -42.8% on 2019 – a decline of more than 285,000 units.
11,349 jobs already cut across manufacturing and retail during the pandemic, with more at stake without dedicated restart support as firms fear double whammy of Brexit tariffs.

27 February 2020 #Europe #SMMT News

Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive: With both mandates now on the table, negotiations for an

13 December 2019 #Europe #SMMT News

Mike Hawes, SMMT CEO: We congratulate the Conservatives on their election success and look forward

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