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Envantage – Energy and Carbon Consultancy

With many in the industry facing rising energy costs and needs to reduce carbon emissions, whilst aiming to meet regulatory requirements, SMMT has teamed up with Envantage, specialist carbon and energy consultancy, to support members navigating the energy and carbon challenges they are currently face.

SMMT Members will benefit from a 15% discount on Envantage’s consultancy fees. As well as receiving insights from Envantage’s team, through exclusive SMMT content, such as webinars and articles.

If there are particular topics or challenges that you would like covered in webinars or articles, contact us at

About Envantage

Envantage brings together a team of industry-leading experts in low carbon and business energy. From buying energy effectively to optimising usage, managing and reducing carbon emissions, and meeting regulatory obligations, their team of specialists are able to help.

Energy can be a complex topic, particularly for major users, but Envantage prides itself on being flexible and versatile, tailoring its approach to each client to deliver maximum efficiencies and cost savings. From everyday problems to long-term, their consultants always bring a ‘can do’ attitude.

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Areas of Envantage Specialist help:

  • Envantage offers a fully risk-managed approach to buying energy, with direct access to the wholesale market and in-house expert energy traders. This is important because it gives you total freedom to always access the best available market rate, alongside the support of an experienced team to reduce exposure to escalating prices.

    Through Envantage, members of all sizes can access a range of sophisticated procurement solutions, from fixed to fully flexible, to meet each businesses unique needs.

    Envantage predominantly works in the manufacturing and industrial sector making them well placed to support members. Their energy procurement portfolio stands at 1,500,000,000 kWh per annum, so you can be reassured they have the proven experience to help you.

    Energy Procurement Risk Management | Fixed Price Energy Contracts | Flexible Energy Purchasing | Bill Validation | Tariff Analysis | Cost Recovery | Metering & Connections Services – Find out more about Energy Procurement.

  • Envantage’s specialist consultants can help you to obtain an accurate picture of your carbon emissions and work with you to set targets and develop your net zero strategy. From there, they can help to identify opportunities to reduce carbon emissions, as well as how to optimise energy usage and reduce costs.

    Envantage has highly skilled energy efficiency engineers and decarbonisation consultants, with direct experience of complex industrial and manufacturing sectors, including the automotive sector. They also hold the prestigious status of a Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) accredited solutions provider. No matter where you are on your journey to carbon reduction, Envantage are able to support you.

    Net Zero | Carbon Neutrality | Greenhouse Gas Quantification | Product Carbon Footprinting | Energy and Decarbonisation Audits | Strategy Development |Climate Risk Assessments | SBTi |Onsite Generation | Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) | Metering and Monitoring – Find out more about Carbon, Net Zero & Energy Reduction.

  • Envantage’s experts are adept at securing green tax exemption and compensation schemes that can result in significant savings on your energy bills. These schemes help companies save hundreds of thousands to millions of pounds each year off their energy bills.

    Envantage has secured, manages, and protects over £15 million of green tax savings on behalf of its clients each year.

    Climate Change Agreements (CCA) | Green tax reduction (EII) | Climate Change Levy (CCL) reduction – Find out more about Green Taxation

  • Envantage connects what you must do from a regulatory perspective and what makes sense from a commercial perspective, to deliver maximum benefits. They can provide support every step of the way to help you meet and exceed associated energy and carbon compliance obligations.

    Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) | Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) | Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) | UK Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) | Climate Change Agreements (CCA) – Find out more about Compliance.


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