Used Car Sales

09 November 2021 #SMMT News #Used Car Sales

Battery electric vehicle demand rises 56.4% with 14,182 cars changing hands.
UK used car transactions fall -6.2% against strong Q3 2020 to 2,034,342 units.
Used market up 16.4% year-to-date but still -4.0% down against same period pre-pandemic.

10 August 2021 #SMMT News #Used Car Sales

UK used car transactions rose 108.6% on weak Q2 2020 to 2,167,504 units.
April saw growth of 307.4%, followed by the best May and June since records began.
Popularity of used plug-in vehicles soared as transactions increased 351.4% in Q2, although equal to only 1.3% of the used car market.

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