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2018 UK Automotive Sustainability Report

Sustainability lies at the heart of the UK automotive industry. From improving the environmental performance of vehicle and component manufacture, to the investment in the skills of employees, right through to the remanufacturing or “second life” of components and the recycling of end-of-life vehicles, the industry seeks to ensure it is a model of industrial sustainability. We are delighted, therefore, to see this commitment clearly demonstrated in the performance of the signatories to our 19th UK Automotive Sustainability Report.

Innovation is increasing at a faster pace than ever before. Manufacturers are delivering a range of electrified and alternatively fuelled vehicles, while simultaneously developing the technologies for connected and autonomous vehicles. The latest petrol and diesel engines deliver enhanced emissions performance, improving air quality solutions and lowering CO2.

The SMMT Sustainability Report 2018 is the 19th edition – the longest standing sector sustainability report.

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