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2019 UK Automotive Sustainability Report

Automotive is one of the UK’s most valuable sectors, contributing billions to the economy and supporting hundreds of thousands of livelihoods, and sustainability lies at the heart of everything it does. From reducing the emissions from both production processes and products, to investing in training and development for its staff, the sector seeks to ensure it is leading the way in sustainability.

The latest report reviews 20 years of sustainable development, highlighting the importance industry places on balancing profitability and output with social and environmental responsibilities.

Over the coming years, the speed of technological innovation will outstrip that already experienced in the sector, bringing huge opportunities to position the UK as a centre of excellence for the development and roll out of future vehicles. However, to achieve this, we need to ensure any future relationship with the EU assures our competitiveness, delivering frictionless trade and an environment for investment. We are on the cusp of a transport revolution and the UK Automotive industry is set to be one of the world’s driving forces behind the change.

The SMMT Sustainability Report 2019 is the 20th edition – the longest standing sector sustainability report.

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