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Global Trade Conference

18 October 2023
10:00 – 15:00 BST, Virtual Conference

As supply chain bottlenecks ease, global trade could boost automotive sales and encourage the transition to low-emission technologies. However, international trade of automotive products faces increasingly complex geopolitical, environmental, and industrial policies.

The SMMT Global Trade Conference was a single-day, virtual conference, crossing multiple time zones. With the participation of senior global automotive executives, policy makers, trade experts, and the media, the SMMT Global Trade Conference brought together high-profile speakers to address global and regional trade priorities for the sector.

Topics covered included:

  • Threading the needle: automotive trade in Asia and the Indo-Pacific
  • Winding roads: a trade policy fit for the automotive revolution
  • Shifting the dial: new automotive trade priorities for the Old World
  • Carrot and stick: automotive trade policy in North America

The 4th edition of the flagship SMMT Trade Report was launched during the event.

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