UK Manufacturing

26 November 2021 #UK Manufacturing

UK factories turn out 129,114 engines in October, down -34.6%.

26 November 2021 #UK Manufacturing

7,892 commercial vehicles produced in October up 17.2% but -6.9% below five-year average pre-Covid.1 Output

UK car manufacturing
26 November 2021 #SMMT News #UK Manufacturing

UK car manufacturing output falls in October, tumbling -41.4% with 64,726 units produced.
Output for domestic and overseas markets declines, down -37.9% and -42.1%.
30.9% of all cars made in October either battery electric, plug-in or hybrid electric models.

28 October 2021 #UK Manufacturing

UK factories produced 138,059 engines last month, a decline of -36.3%. Output for both domestic

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