UK Manufacturing

28 February 2018 #SMMT News #UK Manufacturing

UK car manufacturing stable in January, declining -0.05%, with just 72 fewer units produced year on year.
Exports growth drives overall output, with record 119,252 British-built cars shipped overseas – up 1.5%.
Production for UK buyers declines for sixth consecutive month, down -6.0% to 28,229.

31 January 2018 #SMMT News #UK Manufacturing

British engine manufacturing rises 6.9% to all-time high of 2.7 million units in 2017

31 January 2018 #SMMT News #TNB News #UK Manufacturing

More than 78,000 commercial vehicles built in the UK in 2017, down -16.7% year on year.

31 January 2018 #SMMT News #UK Manufacturing

1.67m cars built in the UK in 2017, a decline of -3.0% with production for domestic demand down -9.8%.
Car exports remain at historically high level, down just -1.1% with 1.34m shipped worldwide – 79.9% of total production.
British engine manufacturing at record-ever levels, with 2.72m produced, up 6.9% on 2016.

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