UK Manufacturing

28 February 2019 #SMMT News #UK Manufacturing

British car production falls -18.2% in first month of the year, reflecting model changes and

31 January 2019 #SMMT News #UK Manufacturing

UK engine manufacturing stable in 2018, down just -0.3% to 2.7 million units. Production for

British commercial vehicle manufacturing increases 8.5% in 2018, following two years of decline. Demand grows

31 January 2019 #SMMT News #UK Manufacturing

UK car production falls -9.1% to 1.52 million units in 2018, a six year low for the sector.1
Output for the UK and overseas markets down -16.3% and -7.3% respectively, with 8 in 10 cars exported.
Brexit fears see fresh investment halved in 2018, as new calculations show two thirds of UK’s global car trade at risk from ‘no deal’.

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