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Digital Tech Networking – Shared Mobility

 21st July 11:00 – 12:15

To help automotive incumbents and disruptors to collaborate and explore these new areas, SMMT runs a networking event titled Tech Networking. This event provides companies with opportunities to network, raise their profile and hear about innovative ideas that are disrupting the automotive industry.

SMMT will host Shared Mobility edition of the series.

 Does shared mobility have a role post COVID-19?

In this panel discussion we’ll explore:

  • How COVID-19 changed the behaviour of consumers;
  • Is shared mobility still a sustainable and viable option for consumers post COVID-19;
  • The impact COVID-19 will have on share mobility investment and as well as the speed of implementation;
  • What roles will the different modes of transport play in shared mobility post COVID-19.


11:00 – Attendee welcome
11:05 – SMMT Introduction, Luke Hampton, Senior Supply Chain Manager, SMMT
11:10 – Does shared mobility have a role post COVID-19?


  • James Taylor, General Manager, Zipcar UK
  • Jamie Hamilton, Director, Deloitte
  • Richard Dilks, Chief Executive, CoMo UK


  • Owain Mortimer, Technology and Innovation Manager, SMMT
11:40 – Networking
12:15 – Close
Safety and security
  • The event will not be recorded.
  • Only registered users will be able to access the event.

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