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SMMT has launched a new event series called Auto-Tech Networking. As the industry transitions to a future of ACES (Automated, Connected, Electrified and Services based) technologies, the lines between traditional automotive and tech companies will blur. To support automotive industry incumbents and disruptors collaborate and explore these new areas, SMMT runs a networking event titled Auto-Tech Networking.

16 September 2020 11:00 – 12:00

Auto Tech Networking aims to bring technology companies, interested members and the wider sector together for an hour of online networking. This unique networking session will create a platform for members to network, raise their profile and hear about innovative ideas that are disrupting the automotive industry.

How different would London be if it was built today? Digital solutions for human-centred urban mobility

As people adapt to new technologies in urban environments, from ADAS systems, to self-driving vehicles to CCTV infrastructure analysing population movements, it has become clear that automated technologies play different roles in different cities.

Humanising Autonomy’s Impulse Talk, led by Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Raunaq Bose, will break down how digital solutions can incorporate cultural context and behavioural analysis to build human-centred urban mobility.

  • What our vision for a “better normal” should be in rebuilding urban environments.
  • Understanding how automated systems, including self-driving vehicles can be optimised with cultural context.
  • What would London look like if it was built today? Leveraging video data from smart city cameras to rebuild future cities to be more inclusive.

This Auto Tech networking session will be hosted on a platform called Remo. This unique platform provides attendees with the choice to freely move from table to table facilitating up to six attendees per table. The platform aims to bring the real-life experience of networking into the virtual world.


11:00 – 11:05 SMMT Introduction, Owain Mortimer, Technology & Innovation Manager, SMMT
11:05 – 11:10 IdeaLondon Introduction, Darren Balcombe, Deputy CEO, Capital Enterprise
11:10 – 11:20How different would London be if it was built today? Digital solutions for human-centred urban mobility, Raunaq Bose, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Humanising Autonomy
11:20 – 11:25Questions and answers
11:25 – 11:55Networking
11.55 – 12:00Closing remarks, Owain Mortimer, Technology & Innovation Manager, SMMT

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