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Vision 2035 – Ready to Grow


Last year, SMMT unveiled our Manifesto 2030 – a series of five pledges that we urged all parties to adopt, in anticipation of a forthcoming election, and to be delivered across the next Parliament. With that election now imminent, that long-term vision has never been more important.

The pledges the sector needs remain the same. Net zero mobility for all. Britain as global power in vehicle production. An upskilled workforce ready for the next generation of automotive technology. Clean, cost-effective energy. And an industrial transformation strategy that provides a holistic, joined up approach that ensures every stakeholder contributes to delivering on the UK’s economic growth potential.

What’s changed is the scope of our vision. New analysis shows the scale of the prize on offer – and the benefits the country can reap over the next decade. From the new car market alone, £800 billion in revenue from now to 2035. From new car and van production, a cumulative £290 billion in factory gate prices over the next decade.

The automotive sector just needs the framework to turn today’s potential into tomorrow’s trillion pound trophy. That growth will make a massive contribution to society and the environment. The right support now will mean that by 2035, almost half of all cars on the road will be zero emission – with more than 17 million people enjoying the benefits of a fairer, faster transition.

A reformed energy market with easier grid connections can unlock our admirable potential in renewable electricity generation. And investment in our most valuable asset of all – our people – will give all corners of our country a workforce that’s ready for the net zero world ahead, sustaining jobs and prosperity.

Our Vision 2035 is clear. Provide the framework and the growth will follow.


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