autonomous vehicle

09 December 2021 #CV Sector #Van

Ford and DP World London Gateway have conducted a trial with a simulated autonomous vehicle to demonstrate how useful such future technology could be. For the trial, Ford used a specially adapted Transit fitted out to mimic the look of

19 November 2020 #Features & Interviews #TNB News

This week saw the official launch of Kar-go – an automated last-mile delivery bot from British start-up Academy of Robotics that aims to revolutionise the burgeoning home delivery market. Fully-electric Kar-go aims to offer logistics providers an autonomous, clean, quiet

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has announced plans to test autonomous mail trucks. The two-week test will be done in partnership with a company called TuSimple that specialises in self-driving trucks. It will involve a series of self-driving Navistar

29 March 2018 #CV Sector #News #TNB News

Research by the GATEway Project has revealed that 78 percent of the general public support the idea of autonomous vehicles. The GATEway project is currently undertaking trials of driverless pod technology in Greenwich, London, and 31,000 members of the public

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