11 June 2020 #TNB News #Truck

This week two major developments were announced that will enable a greener future for heavy duty trucks. Fuel cell truck manufacturer Nikola, and CV manufacturer Daimler Truck, have both taken significant steps forwards to getting electric and hydrogen fuel cell

11 December 2019 #CV Sector #News #TNB News #Truck

The first images of the eagerly-anticipated Nikola TRE have been released. The truck is the first vehicle to result from the joint venture between CNH Industrial, parent company of IVECO, and Nikola, the US-based electric powertrain specialist. The vehicle is

27 November 2019 #CV Sector #News #TNB News #Truck

E-truck manufacturer Nikola has announced the development of new battery technology it claims could double the range of battery electric vehicles without increasing the size or weight of the battery. Nikola Corporation says its prototype cell removes binder material and

14 August 2019 #CV Sector #Logistics #News #TNB News #Tractor #Truck

The US Department of Energy has awarded Nikola Motor Company a $1.7 million grant to advance its research into fuel cell membrane electrode assembly (MEA). The move is designed to accelerate the company’s work to develop future trucks offering cleaner

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