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20 October 2004 #SMMT News

Robert Bosch Ltd has launched ESPerience, a dealer training programme that will raise the awareness of its Electronic Stability control Programme (ESP) and take the message of its safety benefits to more drivers.

ESP is an active safety system that intervenes on the driver’s behalf to prevent skidding. Sensors that measure steering wheel angle and vehicle yaw rate are used to determine understeer or oversteer. Where either is detected, ESP reacts instantly, improving stability by reducing engine power and braking individual wheels if required.

The system is already fitted to one in five new cars sold in the UK. But although research reveals that 34 per cent more drivers stayed in control of their vehicle when fitted with ESP1 few motorists are aware of how it works or its safety benefits.

According to Bosch research just one per cent of drivers spontaneously identify ESP as an active safety system. However, after explanation of its benefits, more than two thirds said they would consider specifying ESP when next buying a car.

David Fulker, Bosch UK marketing manager for chassis systems said, ‘ESPerience is one of the largest road safety commitments of its kind undertaken by an automotive components supplier in Europe.

Our research shows that 97 per cent of the British public expects manufacturers, and in particular, their dealer sales staff, to inform them of the safety options available on new vehicles. It is these salespeople who have the ability to convince a buyer to purchase ESP and to fully inform them how it can be of benefit. ESPerience will show them how.’

The half-day training is initially aimed at improving dealers’ understanding of ESP. On offer at most major race circuits in the UK, the programme explains how it works before the benefits are demonstrated in a series of eye-opening tests.

ESPerience will be offered to manufacturer dealer networks from early 2005 before being made available to the wider motoring public. Full details of the Bosch ESPerience programme can be found at: Or contact

1. University of Iwoa study, based on driver tests using the simulator of the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and presented on 8 March 2004 at the SAE World Congrress in Detroit.

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