Jaguar XK premieres pop-up bonnet system

13 September 2005 #SMMT News

Jaguar premieres its deployable bonnet system today at the Frankfurt motor show. The Pyrotechnic Pedestrian Deployable Bonnet System (PDBS) safety feature is designed to reduce the severity of pedestrian injuries in accidents.

In the event of a collision with a pedestrian, the deployable bonnet on the XK ‘pops’ up, creating a cushioning effect between the engine and the bonnet. This helps to isolate the pedestrian from the engine.

An advanced sensing system mounted in the front bumper discriminates between a pedestrian and any other possible front-end collision. The bonnet is raised in around 30 milliseconds – less than a tenth of the time it takes to blink an eye. The XK’s system is complemented by a passive bumper system, the design of which uses crushable foam and plastic covering to reduce leg injuries.

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