Commission for Integrated Transport”s sound advice

12 September 2007 #SMMT News

Motor industry urges government to consider fresh advice from the Commission for Integrated Transport

Transport and Climate Change, a report launched today by the Commission for Integrated Transport, contains sound advice for government, because present policy for road transport carbon reduction by the government will not result in its targets being met.

What makes this report stand out is that it’s the first one that quantifies savings from behavioural change. Changes in driver behaviour, such as eco-driving and better enforcement of speed limits, would result in 1.7 million tonnes of carbon being saved by 2020 alone. Efficiencies in other areas of road transport, such as goods deliveries, could similarly result in a saving of 2.7 million tonnes carbon, according to the report.

‘This report is both refreshing and welcome in identifying cost-effective ways to tackle CO2 emissions from the transport sector,’ said Christopher Macgowan, chief executive of SMMT. ‘Importantly, it recognises the considerable ‘lifetime’ of a vehicle, from design to renewal and the fact that carbon reductions can be made simply, without burdening car makers with additional cost via further technological routes.’

The report can be downloaded from the CfIT web site and includes many other recommendations including; more intensive promotion of smarter choices to encourage take-up of alternatives to car travel, supported by improvements to the carbon performance of public transport, an incentive and reward approach to promoting more efficient use of cars through the pump price of fuel and measures to stimulate the demand for lower-emission cars.

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