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Energy Saving Trust research reveals the biggest environmental villain

08 May 2008 #SMMT News #UK Manufacturing

According to Energy Saving Trust research, 27% of national carbon dioxide emissions come from the power we use to heat and light our homes, compared to 15% from transport. Of that 27%, around half comes from the home’s boiler and in one year each household produces around six tonnes CO2. That’s more than double the amount emitted from the tailpipe of an average car.


The calculations show that swapping an old boiler for a new one will save more CO2 than swapping a 4×4 for a hybrid vehicle. It estimates a saving of 1.6 tonnes CO2 per year for each replacement boiler, but swapping a 4×4 (producing 194 g CO2/km) for a hybrid vehicle (producing 104 g/km) will save only 1.4 tonnes CO2 based on 16,000 kms annual mileage.


New car carbon dioxide emissions – among other tailpipe emissions – are falling year-on-year, in every segment of the market, from superminis to luxury cars. 4x4s have made the best reduction in CO2 between 2006 and 2007, falling 2.7%, and since 1997 figures fell by an impressive 20% – which equates to nearly 60 g/km.  

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