SMMT meets Liberal Democrats at Brighton Party Conference

24 September 2012 #SMMT News

SMMT hosted a breakfast event this morning at the Liberal Democrat Party Conference in Brighton to discuss the development of a national industrial strategy in the UK.

SMMT representatives met key Liberal Democrat MPs, MEPs and policy advisors, including Gordon Birtwistle MP, John Leech MP and Sir Graham Watson MEP.

Gordon Birtwistle, former PPS to Danny Alexander as Chief Secretary to the Treasury opened the round table, discussing the Liberal Democrat perspective on industrial policy. Mr Birtwistle spoke of increasing exports and securing greater investment from outside the UK to stimulate further growth in the sector. He also spoke of the need to pursue supply chains from within the UK.

SMMT Chief Executive Paul Everitt opened the breakfast and welcomed the guests. He spoke on behalf of UK automotive, outlining the automotive industries policy paper and SMMT’s commitment to industrial growth.

SMMT also presented a position paper at the breakfast, which was used to focus discussion on government-led policies to ensure continued investment in the manufacturing industry.

Today’s Liberal Democrat breakfast marks the first of three Party Conference fringe events being hosted by SMMT over the next few weeks, as the industry body continues its high-level engagement with key politicians and stakeholders.

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