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New Car CO2 Report 2013

14 March 2013 #Environment #Reports Archive

SMMT’s 12th annual New Car CO2 Report shows ongoing reductions in average emissions of new cars. Average UK new car CO2 emissions stood at 133.1g/km in 2012, down 3.6% on 2011.

This achievement is testament to vehicle manufacturer R&D and to motorists who have embraced new technologies like never before. In the past five years alone the proportion of alternatively-fueled vehicles registered has doubled. The industry has also cut 31.8g/km CO2 off the average car’s emissions, a 20% improvement, and we’ve seen the share of sub-130g/km CO2 cars (the level targeted by the EU for 2012-2015) go from just 10.6% of new cars in 2007 to more than 55% in 2012.

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