Nissan inspires pupils with Monozukuri Caravan

30 September 2013 #SMMT News

Nissan Monozukuri Caravan schools initiative

One thousand school children in the North East of England will be gifted a unique insight into the art of car manufacturing thanks to the Nissan Monozukuri Caravan programme.

The caravan, which celebrates Nissan’s Monozukuri or “the art of making things”, is an interactive workshop which educates and engages 10 to 11 year-old primary school pupils in the automotive industry.

As well as discovering what it takes to engineer and build a modern car, participants will also get a chance to design their own car and learn more about Japanese culture and Nissan’s Kaizen philosophy for constant improvement.

Ian Green, Nissan Senior Training Controller said, “We set out to create a unique and exciting opportunity for children to discover how Nissan manufactures high-quality cars at high volumes, and to take part in activities which normally would not be available to them.

“We look at how Nissan makes things safely and the children get the opportunity to use actual production tools. They get particularly excited when the box of hammers comes out, and really enjoy removing a dent from a metal panel – a very popular and noisy exercise!”

Nissan’s Monozukuri Caravan was first launched in 2007 at the manufacturer’s birthplace, Kanagawa Prefecture. Approximately 18,000 students in 300 schools in Japan and Mexico took part in the programme last year. This year, 30 additional courses are available to students in the Sunderland area.

For further information or if you would like to book a course, please contact Heather Corrigan, in Nissan’s training department on 0191 415 2035 or e-mail

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