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Manheim’s blue light vehicle policy has buyers and sellers in mind

29 April 2014 #CV Sector #CV Show #News

Commercial vehicle remarketer Manheim has issued a new policy that aims to reduce the risks around buying old emergency vehicles.

Giving buyers and sellers of these vehicles assurance that only approved account holders and businesses can buy these retro-fitted and bespoke vehicles, the new standards include not selling any of the remarketed emergency services vehicles to the general public.

The decision was made after years of fully liveried and equipped vehicles, such as ambulances and mountain rescue vehicles, being sold to unchecked third parties.

James Davis, Head of Commercial Vehicle Remarketing at Manheim, said, “The publication of our new blue light policy sends an important message to the used market: we are setting new standards in the industry to provide sellers and buyers of emergency vehicles with increased confidence.

“From a practical point of view, removing lights, sirens and the reflective Battenberg signage from emergency vehicles is prohibitively expensive for the vendor, often wiping out any residual value left in asset. Our new policy seeks to effectively manage the potential risk while maximising the values paid by professional trade buyers and blue light operators alike.”

The news follows Manheim’s first ever online auction of commercial vehicles, which proved to be a huge success. The auction is part of its new online trade sales programme, with it becoming a benchmark for the sector.

The auction allowed for both 24/7 listings and special timed events, as well as the opportunity to both bid and buy now. It was also broadcasted in real time with buyers and the auctioneer interacting via live audio and video feeds.

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