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Ferryspeed brings the first Euro-6 trucks to the Channel Islands

09 June 2014 #CV Sector #News #Sales #Truck

News from DAF: Four new DAF LF220 16 tonne trucks with Gray and Adams refrigerated bodies are the first Euro-6 compliant models to join the Ferryspeed fleet of 75 vehicles and on the Channel Islands, delivering fresh and frozen food from the port to hotels, supermarkets and wholesalers across Jersey and Guernsey.

Ferryspeed specialises in commercial freight to and from the Channel Islands, already has an extensive fleet of over 40 DAF trucks on the UK mainland and chose the new DAF LF for its fleet based in Jersey and Guernsey as it is the perfect and most efficient size for onward distribution from the port. Restrictions of large vehicle movements on the islands mean Ferryspeed’s larger trucks must stay within the immediate port areas when offloading from the mainland.

The size of the islands and relatively limited road infrastructure means the annual mileage of the four new DAF LFs will never be substantial, however they will be kept constantly busy, especially during the peak holiday season from April to September when demand for chilled and frozen foods soar to meet the influx of visitors. The lower Euro-6 emissions, improved fuel economy and flexible engines of the new DAF LF make it perfect for the regular drop-offs and shorter trips in a typical day’s use around the islands.

Reliability and refrigerated bodies are also crucial for Ferryspeed as it has to comply with the strict requirements of the Food Safety Act and HACCP guidelines, and is audited regularly. In addition, many of its customers also have their own requirements that Ferryspeed must comply with.

Stan Markland, Managing Director of Ferryspeed said, “We are delighted to add the new DAF LFs to our fleet on the Channel Islands as we know from previous experience it will do the job effectively and efficiently.”

Russell Nash, Regional Sales Director at Adams Morey added, “Ferryspeed is a well-known freight operator in our area and has been a customer of ours for over 12 years, so we are delighted to deliver its first Euro-6 models. We’re confident the new-look, improved efficiency and lower emissions will make the new LF models a successful addition to the Ferryspeed fleet.”

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