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Nissan Sunderland Plant sets latest production milestone

01 July 2014 #Sustainability Case studies

Nissan LEAF

A second year of 500,000 production units meant Nissan has built over one million cars in the last two years in the UK. Its Sunderland plant was the UK’s biggest car producer for a 16th consecutive year, with one in every three cars built in the UK last year coming out of Sunderland.

In 2013 the plant successfully launched the 100% electric LEAF, the new Nissan Note and the second generation Qashqai; the company’s flagship model in Europe and the highest volume car made in the UK. A ceremony in October marked the beginning of an extension to Sunderland plant, for facilities to build premium vehicles under the Infiniti brand.

The year ended with a record employee headcount of over 7,000.


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