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Portable Auto Centre brings ‘bodyshop in a box’ to the customer

17 April 2015 #Aftermarket #CV Show #Top Stories

Dawsonrentals van division launched its new Portable Auto Centre at the CV Show this week. The portable repair and maintenance facility is designed to be transported on two trucks and can be craned into place as required, then bolted together. Facilities include repair, painting and baking facilities and each centre is long enough to accommodate an extra long wheelbase large van.

The first Dawsonrentals van sites to receive the installations will be at Milton Keynes and Skelmersdale with its other UK rental sites following soon afterward. Dawsongroup Managing Director Steve Miller has also said that the Centres will also be available to the company’s business partners and customers for use at their own premises.

Dawsonrentals says that the problem it has faced is trying to set up smart repair facilities in a mechanical workshop because of HSE guidelines and the materials used for repairs. “When you install a brand new spray booth, you have to take an old one down, which means someone could lose £6-8,000 a day in turnover while it’s being built”, said a spokesman, “If they hire this on a two or three month term, it’s possible to carry on.”

The ‘bodyshop in a box’, is designed to handle non-structural body repairs that do not require chassis straightening or replacement of structural elements. Replacement and painting of bolt on parts can be accommodated. This includes scratches, light dents, alloy wheel refurbishment, cracked or chipped glass repair and interior repairs. The centres can also handle light services such as oil changes, routine maintenance and PDIs. Dawsonrentals is also working on other modules that will handle tyre repairs and fitting, windscreen repair and replacement, vehicle hire and vehicle servicing.

Each centre has a reception area and Dawsonrentals sees a wide range of sites where they could be set up including supermarkets, gyms and airports, where vehicles could be repaired and serviced while customers are doing other things.

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