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Cartwright introduces Insuliner for tough conditions

23 November 2017 #Aftermarket #CV Sector #News #TNB News #Trailer

Cartwright has introduced a new Insuliner trailer designed to deal with some of the most severe conditions in the UK.

Scottish customer Northwards Ltd serves the north of Scotland and the surrounding Northern Isles, and following a successful trial of the first Insuliner, four of the trailers have been delivered to the freight and distribution operator with further improved engineering following feedback.

The Insuliner has been specifically designed to combat the major salt problems Northwards Ltd has experienced in the past, with the exposure to salt spray during the 14-hour ferry journey between the outer islands and the mainland causing significant corrosion issues.

To deal with this issue, the Insuliner is based around a fully galvanized chassis with the headboard and rear door pillars also constructed from galvanized steel. The crossbearers supporting the insulated floor, side rails and cant rails are made from Magnelis coated steel, combining strength and the highest level of corrosion resistance.

Neil Leslie, Director of Northwards Ltd, said: “We have 55 vehicles and around 120 trailers and they are repeatedly exposed to the salt laden air on the 12-14 hour ferry journey between Aberdeen and the Shetland Islands, particularly in the autumn and winter months. The problem of salt was affecting the build integrity of our trailers, particularly corrosion on the front bulkheads. The bespoke trailer is also fully ENXL compliant giving maximum load security for uniform loads without the need for additional strapping and also features a twin pelmet and heavily insulated curtain to ensure the best possible temperature control in the trailer.”

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