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Scania powers up with launch of new engine

21 August 2019 #CV Sector #News #TNB News #Truck

Scania has launched a new 540 hp version of its popular 13-litre engine.

The DC13 166 is primarily intended for applications and customers where lots of power and drivability are in demand while weight sensitivity or limitations such as front-axle loads hinder the use of the brand’s slightly heavier V8 units.

Alexander Vlaskamp, Head of Scania Trucks, said, “The powerful 540 is mainly intended for customers and markets where legal aspects regarding front axle loads keep them from choosing a V8. But it’s perfect for anyone that needs extra power in their transport operation.

“Paired with the relevant gearing, this engine will work equally well for a timber truck or for a ‘tulip express’.

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