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Renault Trucks introduces flexible finance options to encourage EV adoption

21 October 2020 #TNB News #Truck

Renault Trucks has launched new finance options to help operators make the transition from diesel to electric vehicles.

Renault Truck Financial Services will offer three primary options: standard instalment credit, where the customer owns the truck at the end of the contract; financial leases, which provide customers with the choice of buying or returning the vehicle at the end of the agreement; and operational leases, whereby the vehicle is returned at the end of the contract.

Vice-president of Renault Trucks Financial Services, Tabitha Carpenter, said, “The question of financing and insuring an electric vehicle should be addressed very early on in the purchasing process. We study a tailor-made financing solution for each of our customers, which will give them optimal control over their operating costs and enable them to carry out their work in confidence.”

The company stated that the new offers are enabled by its experience of marketing electric trucks for over 10 years and its confidence in the reliability and durability of the Z.E range.

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