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New partnership to provide Tevva UK fleets with electric charging and hydrogen infrastructure

29 April 2021 #TNB News #Truck

UK-based Tevva and Vattenfall Network Solutions have formed a partnership designed to aid the UK’s transition to zero-emission fleets. The companies are to explore developing a sustainable electricity and hydrogen infrastructure that complements the long-haul suitability of Tevva’s electric vehicles of up to 19 tonnes.

Tevva electric trucks utilise grid electricity as the primary source of battery power, with hydrogen fuel cell technology providing range extension for long-distance duty cycles. Vattenfall Network Solutions can offer UK operators an opportunity to purchase renewable electricity – generated from sources such as wind and solar – through Power Purchase Agreements. The company already operates more than 22,000 EV charging points in Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and Norway, and aims to accelerate its customers’ transition to fossil-fuel-free operations within one generation.

Vattenfall Network Solutions states that its ‘Power-as-a-Service’ model provides businesses with the necessary infrastructure to switch to zero emission fleets as a service, rather than an expensive, high risk asset that requires ownership and maintenance.

Tevva founder and CEO, Asher Bennett, said, “Our collaboration with Vattenfall means that, as well as vehicle expertise, we will also be able to provide our customers with electricity and hydrogen infrastructure and sustainably sourced supply, enabling them to break ground on zero emission goals in an affordable way. We believe this approach is truly the future for businesses looking to move to an all-zero-emission fleet.”

Vattenfall Network Solutions director of heavy transport, Maria Lindberg, added, “In the race to net-zero, it’s no longer a question of if, but when transport will be electrified. At Vattenfall, we offer our customers climate smart solutions to help them on this journey, in line with our goal of enabling fossil fuel-free living within one generation. Our ‘Power-as-a-Service’ model makes those solutions far more accessible, removing the risk and significant capital investment.”

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