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Volta Trucks announces new models as part of 2025 zero emissions road map

13 May 2021 #TNB News #Truck

As part of its new Road-to-Zero Emissions Strategy, Volta Trucks will launch three new all-electric trucks, to complement the existing 16-tonne Volta Zero, by 2025. The manufacturer announced that additional 7.5-tonne, 12-tonne and 19-tonne electric trucks would provide a comprehensive vehicle range and anticipated that volumes would exceed 27,000 units per year by 2025.

Pilot fleet trucks of the 16-tonne vehicle will be built by the end of 2021, with series production expected to commence 12 months later. The 19- and 12-tonne variants are expected to follow in 2023 with pilot fleet 7.5-tonne vehicles emerging in the same year, with production set for 2024.

All trucks, said the company, will feature a low-seat central driving position and greenhouse-style cab with 220-degrees of visibility. All variants will be payload optimised, enabling fleet managers to use a reduced number of Volta Trucks and take several smaller vans off the road – helping to ease inner-city congestion.

Essa Al-Saleh, Volta Trucks chief executive officer, said, “When we launched the Volta Zero, we’d expected to be selling 5,000 vehicles a year with a single model by 2025. Given our pace of development, driven by customer demand, we clearly see the opportunity to expand the Volta Zero into a portfolio of vehicles to offer customers a wider selection of full-electric vehicle sizes, and to accelerate the change to zero emissions.”

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