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Wireless charging project provides opportunity for long haul electric trucks

10 June 2021 #TNB News #Truck

A project led by Coventry City Council and supported by Ricardo and Western Power Distribution (WPD) has launched a new study into dynamic wireless charging technology for CV operators. The project is funded through the Ofgem Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) mechanism.

The 11-month study will include research and data modelling to assess the feasibility of the technology and investigate a potential opportunity for development of a real-world demonstrator. Project manager Ricardo is undertaking a technical review of the project and will also be assisted by project partners Cenex, Coventry University, Hubject, Midlands Connect, National Express, Transport for West Midlands and Electreon.

A key element of the project will be developing an understanding of the technology’s demands on the electricity network, to help forecast the feasibility of wider nationwide rollout.

Denis Naberezhnykh, Ricardo technical director, said, “This technology allows electric vehicles to charge their batteries or be powered directly, while being driven, and would allow vehicles with demanding duty cycles to switch from petrol or diesel to being electric. This could be a game-changer as the automotive industry looks for ways to reduce its dependency on fossil fuels.”

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