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Electric Arrival bus trials begin in UK

06 January 2022 #Bus and Coach

EV manufacturer Arrival has started trials of its new electric bus at a testing facility in the UK, with production soon to get underway.

Following proving ground trials, the firm will also begin public road trials with First Bus on the transport operator’s existing UK routes in the first quarter of this year.

Arrival, which manufactures its electric vehicles (EVs) in local Microfactories, is expected to begin production of the bus in the second quarter of 2022.

The vehicle can be tailored to meet local cities’ needs with its modular design, which enables the configuration of length, range, battery, and passenger capacity.

It includes full connectivity, digital customisation, and deep access to vehicle behaviour and data.

The first Arrival Bus features up to three doors, with flexible passenger seating capacity across the entire flat floor, allowing greater accessibility, more usable standing space and for passengers to travel more comfortably.

It also has wrap-around exterior and interior screens, adaptable lighting and a transparent roof.

The vehicle features in-house components that are also found on Arrival’s van and car, as well as lightweight recyclable composite materials.

This, alongside common suspension and the wheels and tyres at front and rear, means the bus is estimated to be lighter than other battery-electric buses currently in the market.

Franck Dessenis, Vice President of Bus Platform, Arrival said: “This is a key milestone for Arrival and we’re thrilled to have started proving ground trials, where the Bus is currently going through testing, ahead of EU certification and public road trials next year.”

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