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Five minutes with David Savage, Vice President, UK & Ireland, Geotab

30 June 2022 #Features & Interviews

What does Geotab do?

Since its establishment in 2000, Geotab has grown from a small family business to a global leader in fleet management solutions and vehicle tracking. It is now one of the largest telematics companies in the world, and the first to surpass more than two million connected vehicles built on a single open platform.

Geotab leverages data analytics and machine learning to help customers improve productivity, optimise fleets through the reduction of fuel consumption, enhance driver safety and achieve strong compliance to regulatory changes.

As fleet operators face some of the most critical price hikes in recent history, it is more important than ever to ensure we are making the most from our existing vehicles.

 What problems are operators facing and how can Geotab help?

Commercial vehicle fleets are facing a double whammy of increased costs and competitive pressures. Many commercial operators are operating on the margins of profitability. Without the means to invest heavily in new equipment, what they need to do is maximise the resources they have, and ensure they are making the most of their existing resources. For a small investment in telematics every month, they can manage and operate fleets to get the best effort from every driver and every vehicle in their fleet, whether that is a petrol, diesel or electric powered.

Fleet optimisation is another important part of Geotab’s offering isn’t it?

The efficient performance of a fleet includes everything from driver training and compliance, data preservation, fleet maintenance, contract management, and route planning and optimisation. Our telematics allows for planning ahead with predictive maintenance schedules to prevent breakdowns or loss. Fleet managers can design routes for the best vehicles, assess missed or out-of-order stops, compare planned versus actual routes, and view travel times and times spent in defined zones.

How can Geotab’s telematics products help operators become greener and more efficient?

The Geotab Green Fleet Dashboard is a tool for monitoring a fleet’s performance in improving fuel economy and reducing emissions. The dashboard allows users to monitor the fleet’s average fuel energy usage, cost and resulting emissions on a total or economic basis. The Geotab Fleet Fuel Management System also provides information to help operators save costs and increase efficiency.

Tell us about your partnership with LEVC?

We have a new partnership with LEVC, providing fleet management systems for its TX taxi and VN5 van. LEVC Telematics feeds information from the vehicle’s on-board electronic systems through the cloud, directly to the customer’s device or desktop. This allows customers to monitor, compare and control the way their vehicles operate via the MyGeotab dashboard. Battery state of charge, mileage trends, driver styles and vehicle utilisation levels are just a few of the data points fleet managers can access both in real-time and after the event. By focusing on analysis and visualisation, LEVC’s customers will spend less time measuring and more time improving productivity and enhancing safety.

David Savage, Vice President, UK & Ireland, Geotab

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