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Five minutes with… Dr Paul Loustalan, Partner at Reddie & Grose

27 October 2022 #Features & Interviews

Tell us a bit about Reddie & Grose?

Reddie & Grose is an internationally renowned firm of UK and European intellectual property attorneys offering an integrated approach to IP. With offices in London, Cambridge, Munich and The Hague, our attorneys handle the full range of IP rights including patents, trade marks, and registered designs. We offer services across all key technologies and the team are known for their client-friendly approach, legal and technical knowledge, commercial nous and for getting excellent results.

Our Future Transport team, which includes mechanical and automotive engineers, some chartered, some with PhDs, works with start-ups, SMEs and multinationals alike. We also have a very active Sustainability Group who are continually investigating ways in which the firm and individuals can do more to protect and restore the environment.

What services does the company provide the commercial vehicle industry?

We provide expert advice on global protection for all aspects of patents, trade marks and designs, and on global IP strategy. We assist our clients in preparing and filing patent applications to protect their innovations, and this often includes conducting searching for existing technology and providing assessments on patentability.

Importantly, we also carry out freedom to operate analyses to determine the risk of launching a new product into what is a very competitive market. On the trade mark and design side, we work with our clients to protect their brand, and the look and feel of their products. Again, this often involves conducting searching for existing, third party, rights to ensure that launching a new brand will not infringe anyone else’s rights.

How long have you been working with companies in the commercial vehicle sector?

We have been working with companies in the commercial vehicle sector for many years. In more recent times, we have been working more and more with start-ups in this sector who are looking to disrupt the industry, those working on electrification or on innovative platforms.

Can you provide any case studies?

One of our clients, Saietta Group PLC, who we have worked with since they were a small start-up but who are now an AIM listed company, design and manufacture electric motors for the commercial vehicle sector, as well as for other areas of the automotive sector.  As Saietta’s close IP advisor we have worked alongside them as they have grown, firstly protecting their core IP, and now helping them to build a broad and strong portfolio of IP rights.

This has included taking on a portfolio of IP when Saietta bought e-Traction, an innovative company based in the Netherlands who specialised in electric drive trains for heavy duty vehicles. We know the company, their goals, and the sector well and are their trusted advisor, helping them to ensure their IP is protected in the best way possible to attract investors and to secure market share.

What does SMMT membership mean to Reddie & Grose?

It is an honour to be a member of the SMMT, and to be involved in some of the working groups on Innovation and Electric Vehicles. Access to the wider membership, various updates and well-run, informative events enables us to easily keep our finger on the pulse of the industry.

Dr Paul Loustalan, Partner at Reddie & Grose

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