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Five minutes with… Laura Moran, Managing Director, TVL Group.

20 October 2022 #Features & Interviews

Tell us about TVL Group? 

TVL Group is a vertical supplier operating in the UK supplying to the global automotive industry with businesses including vehicle security, precision engineering, metal fabrication, powder coating and van accessory installation.

TVL Security is part of TVL Group, a privately owned business founded in 2012 and based in Brentwood, Essex. The company designs and manufactures leading vehicle security products supplying directly to vehicle manufacturers and the automotive market. Customers range from sole traders and SMEs to major fleets and vehicle manufacturers including Ford, which now offer factory-fit options for TVL Security products.


Can you provide more details about TVL’s partnership with Ford?

The first Ford Pro vans with TVL Security’s Enhanced Security Additions fitted as original equipment are now starting to roll off the production line.

Traditionally, security products offering additional protection have primarily been available to van operators as aftermarket solutions. However, any customers purchasing new Ford Transit and Ford Transit Custom vans can opt to have their vehicles built with upgraded protection already in place, minimising delay and matching the factory finish quality.

TVL Security manufactures the products at its headquarters in Brentwood, Essex, and ships them to Ford’s assembly plant in Kocaeli, Turkey, where they are fitted to the vehicles before being delivered to customers.

To have Ford Pro vehicles coming straight off the production line fitted with our market leading portfolio of security products offers fleets and operators real peace of mind. Plus, there are no additional delays to worry about once the vehicle has arrived – it’s ready to go with all the extra security protection in place upon delivery.


Describe the Replock product in more detail?

TVL Security has worked with Ford Pro for several years with its patented Replock solution having been available as a factory fit option since 2018. Replock is a high security anti-pick cylinder that prevents the driver’s door from being picked open and is compatible with all Ford conversions. It replaces the OE lock and is complementary to the existing vehicle security infrastructure, including the remote locking system.


What about TVL’s three new security pack options?

Designed by the TVL Innovation team – led by TVL Group owner Tony Powell – in partnership with Ford Pro engineers, each pack includes Replock as standard with additional products included on top, tailored to meet specific business needs.

The SlamHandle Security Pack features solid stainless-steel latch shields on the rear and side load doors, which help to stop thieves from drilling through the mechanism to access the vehicle. Also, the side and rear doors automatically lock on closure – adding an additional layer of protection, while also being a time saver for multi-drop drivers.

The HookLock Security Pack has been specifically designed to delay entry, ideal for those leaving valuable equipment in the van overnight or for a long period of time. Features include a front door loom guard, deadlocks on the driver and passenger doors, and hook locks on the side and rear doors.

Lastly, for the most powerful line of defence, the ArmourShell Security Pack offers the same benefits as the HookLock option but with the added visual deterrent of external semi-automatic locks on the side and rear doors, with anti-drill inserts and a hardened steel locking bolt.

To enhance the protection offered by the three security pack options, all customers will still also have access to the Ford-Pass Pro app, which complements the vehicle’s physical security features with real-time alerts if it detects someone trying to access your vehicle.

Five minutes with… Laura Moran, Managing Director, TVL Group 

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