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Five minutes with… Duncan Forrester, Chief Communications Officer, Volta Trucks

02 March 2023 #Features & Interviews

Tell us about Volta’s new Tottenham customer operations centre?

The Volta Trucks Hub in London is on White Hart Lane in Tottenham, north London, near many of Volta Trucks’ initial UK-based customers, and within easy reach of east and west London’s significant logistics centres. The facility covers 30,000 sq. feet, operates eight workshop bays and accommodates a showroom, admin offices, a Volta Trucks Academy training centre and a call centre that will provide the interface between customers and the company’s team of technical and commercial experts.

The Hub is constructed using cutting-edge building design including a photovoltaic panel system on its roof, converting sunlight into energy for the site, and a passive solar wall, optimising the heating and ventilation of the building. It is also designed with a charging infrastructure to support 50kW fast charging of Volta Zero vehicles while they are being maintained.

What details can you give about Volta’s electric vehicle charging partnership with Siemens?

The partnership between Volta Trucks and Siemens Smart Infrastructure intends to jointly deliver eMobility charging infrastructure to Volta Trucks’ customers. The technical infrastructure of the charging installations for Volta Trucks’ Truck as a Service customers will be overseen by Siemens to deliver a best-in-class solution. This includes the hardware and software required to operate the charging and power distribution infrastructure for fleets of Volta Zeros.

The trials with DB Schenker: how have they gone?

With Volta Trucks, DB Schenker is leading the way and taking responsibility for reducing tailpipe emissions in urban environments that result from fleet operations. In September 2022, DB Schenker and Volta Trucks successfully completed the very first on-road testing of the all-electric Volta Zero Design Verification prototype in Paris.

DB Schenker will shortly be operating a fleet of next generation Production Verification Volta Zero trucks, as part of some European & Scandinavian field trials, to operate the Volta Zero in real distribution environments carrying full payloads.

How many trucks is the factory in Austria producing?

Steyr Automotive’s extensive experience in commercial vehicle manufacturing and existing manufacturing infrastructure are key elements in delivering Volta Trucks’ speed to market.

As with any new vehicle project, we will ramp up volumes steadily over time to ensure that the supply chain and vehicle quality keeps pace. That said, the Steyr facility has the potential capacity to produce up to 14,000 Volta Zero trucks per year, potentially creating up to 500 jobs and 2,000 jobs in the supply chain over time.

When will the Volta Zero appear on UK roads?

We will see the first fleet of Volta Zeros hit UK roads in April as part of the Volta Zero Customer Driving Experience, giving those clients that have shown significant interest in the vehicle an opportunity to test the truck themselves in a real-world environment.

Duncan Forrester, Chief Communications Officer, Volta Trucks

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