FM Conway acquires step frames from Andover Trailers

08 June 2023 #Trailer

Andover Trailers has delivered four new bespoke-built step frame trailers into FM Conway, continuing a relationship between the two businesses that dates back more than two decades.

The new builds feature a similar specification to FM Conway’s previous 73-tonne, 15.1-metre four axle Andover builds, of which four are still in service.

However, for this order the business requested that two of the new step frames be 1.2m shorter, allowing for easier access to urban sites and more inaccessible infrastructure projects.

The four new step frames have all been constructed with a durable, four-member design, featuring slide-out side extensions to ensure ultimate load stability.

The one metre-wide power toe ramps with sliding width adjustment and knife edge toes help with the loading and unloading of FM Conway’s 40-tonne road planers.

To aid with transporting a full range of plant, including heavy rollers, pavers and excavators, the trailer design also includes hydraulic steady legs at the rear, with steel underplating on the outer bays of the main deck, the beavertail and ramps.

The deck also features 20 pairs of D-ring and eight screw-in lashing points to guarantee load security, as well as in-built chain storage and a powerful six-tonne electric winch.

On the road day and night, Monday to Friday, the step frames will deliver plant to highway and infrastructure projects across southern England, clocking up around 11,000 miles per year.

Steve James, Senior Transport Manager at FM Conway, said: “What makes Andover stand out is the bespoke nature of the work, they do all they can to accommodate any specific requests. On this occasion, that involved shortening two of the trailers.

“We still receive the same strength and specs, but with the added bonus of a little more manoeuvrability.”

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