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Reaching the summit of the CV transition

22 June 2023 #TNB News

Britain has a strong reputation for being at the spearhead of global automotive innovation and a hotspot for new technology, particularly in the CV sector. However, countries on every continent are making big strides in decarbonising their industries with huge investments – and so Britain must ensure it takes action to stay at the forefront.

Discussion and engagement that is focused on how the UK can continue to be a world-leading player is so important, and SMMT’s flagship International Automotive Summit next Tuesday will provide a timely platform to do just that. A series of panels and keynote speeches will bring together hundreds of leaders from industry, government and wider stakeholders to share their solutions to issues such as UK competitiveness, industry resilience, international investment and trade.

It will be fantastic to have heavier vehicles represented by the likes of a keynote address from Chris Gall, Engineering Director at Alexander Dennis, covering the social, environmental and economic relevance of the bus, coach and minibus industry.

I’m also pleased to confirm Simon Villanueva, Director of Legal and Public Affairs at Volvo Trucks, is taking part in a panel that will provide an appraisal of the industry’s progress since the pandemic, and the opportunities ahead.

It is an agenda-setting event with limited tickets remaining – and SMMT members still able to get a complimentary ticket via our Events team.

The UK has a key advantage with one of the most dynamic tech start-up sectors in the world, which will be a vital part of the mission to discover technology solutions and form new partnerships. A large number of them made the trip to MOVE 2023 in London this week, with an exhibition hall that was brimming with the latest vehicles, technology and services for automated and zero emission mobility.

The event provided an opportunity for start-ups to connect with potential investors and the media, with a supplementary programme of speakers including SMMT’s experts, that delivered our best-in-class analysis and research.

A successful transition can only be achieved by working together and utilising the broad range of expertise that Britain has to offer, from the established players and innovative start-ups, to trade associations such as SMMT, with our know-how to ensure that you get the best opportunities to grow your business both in the UK and abroad. It is simple to find out more about the benefits that we can offer, by getting in touch with SMMT’s Membership department.

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