First customer for CO2-reducing fridge trailer

17 August 2023 #Truck

North Yorkshire haulier Reed Boardall has acquired temperature controlled units from Carrier Transicold, cutting the carbon emission output of its trailer fleet by as much as 800 tonnes per year.

The company has taken delivery of 60 Vector S15 units provided by Dawsongroup Truck & Trailer, becoming the first UK customer for the all-new mono-temperature product.

It has also been supplied with 20 Vector HE 19 multi-temperature systems from Asset Alliance Group.

According to Reed Boardall, the 80 new units collectively could save more than 800 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year through reduced fuel burn.

The new mono-temperature Carrier Transicold Vector S15 and multi-temperature Vector HE 19 systems, mounted to 13.6-metre single and double deck trailers respectively, were selected after a comprehensive trial that involved precisely evaluating their levels of fuel economy and cooling efficiency.

Based on a dedicated 55-acre site operation in Boroughbridge, the operator has a fleet of 200 vehicles, delivering 12,000 pallets of frozen food daily for producers and supermarkets across the UK and Europe.

Its latest arrivals are expected to cover nearly 75,000 miles annually during the next six years.

Stevland Town, Managing Director of Transport at Reed Boardall, said: “Increasing sustainability is a core goal for us, but it is imperative that any new refrigeration products we introduce into the fleet also deliver the optimum operational performance.

“Detailed analysis of the new Carrier Transicold Vector S15 in particular showed outstanding potential to greatly reduce our carbon footprint and help us reach our sustainability goals. We’re excited to see how those rewards pan out over the coming years.”

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