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£18.5m for UK automated and supply chain projects

07 September 2023 #Other #Uncategorised

Thirteen UK projects have been awarded government funding to strengthen the capabilities of Britain’s connected and automated mobility supply chain.

The grants, part of the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Connected and Automated Mobility programme, is set to help 43 companies involved in the winning projects to seize early opportunities to develop self-driving technologies, products and services that are ready for the connected and automated mobility market.

The programme, which forms part of UK government’s Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) Commercialising Connected and Automated Mobility: Supply Chain competition, is planned to complement government’s existing £81 million commitment to invest in commercial self-driving passenger and freight CAM technology.

Each of the 13 projects will work in partnership with CCAV’s delivery partners, Zenzic and Innovate UK to bring together government and industry to support the development of sovereign capabilities within the UK CAM supply chain.

The selected projects are expected to address critical technology gaps, enhance safety and security, improve performance and reliability, and create scalable opportunities both domestically and globally.

The winners include AIM-DBW, Autonomous Cargo, CERTUS, DeepSafe, DriveSafeAI, DRIVEN BY SOUND, evolvAD, Photonic Inertial Sensors for Automotive (PISA), Sim4CAMSens, StreetCAV, Systems for Autonomy in Fail Operational Environments (SAFE), and Torque Overlay Automated Steering Technology (TOAST).

For more information about the projects, click here.

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