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HVS tests hydrogen HGV prototype

28 September 2023 #TNB News #Truck

Hydrogen Vehicle Systems (HVS) has delivered the engineering prototype of its X1.5 vehicle to its test facilities as it brings the UK’s first full-sized hydrogen HGV to market.

The X1.5, powered by the same hydrogen fuel cell that will be used in production models, will be used for functionality and systems development including dyno-rig testing – an important precursor to track testing prototypes.

In April this year, HVS revealed its demonstrator vehicle with a powertrain that uses a fuel cell and energy storage system to deliver power to an electric motor, as well as a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) to capture energy while braking and slowing down.

This means the truck has a range of 370 miles and can refuel in around 20 minutes, similar to diesel models.

HVS, based in Glasgow and founded 2017, aims to disrupt the commercial vehicle industry from powertrain design to ground up production, by being an early mover in the development of hydrogen HGVs.

Its zero-emission hydrogen electric HGV will emit only 693ml of water per kilometre as a by-product of the hydrogen fuel-cell producing electricity.

John McKenna, Chief Technical Officer at HVS, said: “The team and I are thrilled that the X1.5 engineering prototype has arrived at our test facility, and we can now begin the vital development phase of testing the hydrogen fuel-cell technology on the dyno-rig.

“Maximising the performance of the fuel cell is a key step ahead of beginning on-track testing and bringing this exciting new HGV to market”.

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