Five minutes with… Will Wycks, Chief Marketing & Product Officer, Chevin Fleet Solutions

30 May 2024 #Uncategorised

Tell us a bit about Chevin Fleet Solutions?

Established in the UK in 1990, our software solutions are now used in more than 180 countries to manage more than one million vehicles and associated assets.

We are deeply committed to advancing our customers and the global fleet industry, by developing fleet management software, designed to provide actionable, high value data insights.

By prioritising investment in our people, product and processes, we continue to develop new ways to drive exceptional customer value and experience in order to support a safe, compliant and sustainable world.

Our smart solutions keep fleets moving, delivering the needs of today and meeting the demands of tomorrow.

What specific products do you provide?

We provide fleet management software to help businesses, cutting-edge solutions like FleetWave, which is transformative for businesses in several unique ways. Firstly, such software aids in the meticulous tracking of vehicle locations, ensuring optimal route planning and timely deliveries.

With FleetWave, businesses can gain granular insights into the performance metrics of each vehicle, from fuel consumption to maintenance schedules. This data-driven approach not only reduces operational costs but also boosts vehicle longevity and reduces unexpected downtime.

Describe FleetWave SmartForms – your new fleet tool to digitise processes and automate workflows?

FleetWave SmartForms opens up a world of automation and real-time data capture to fleets and is a revolutionary tool embedded within the award-winning FleetWave fleet management software.

SmartForms allows users to effortlessly create unique data capture forms, automate operational processes and notify users in real time.

Data flows bi-directionally between FleetWave and the newly enhanced FleetWave Driver app, providing a seamlessly integrated system for live push notifications and instant actions, whilst reducing the need for multiple third party apps.

SmartForms then gives the power to the user to create digital processes and automated workflows, to minimise administrative tasks, reduce vehicle downtime, and ultimately enhance fleet efficiency.

Benefitting from the latest technology, we have made it effortless for our customers to create and automate smart processes, to significantly boost operational efficiency.

Key Features include the ability to create bespoke forms without the need for additional third party software and licence costs. Customers can also automate workflows within their operation to send notifications, alerts, or approvals to the right person instantly.

The technology ensures data consistency and drives best practice with end users, and means a business can analyse data and trend analysis within FleetWave. In addition, it means businesses can tailor responses to meet requirements, from media uploads to signature capture, from simple responses to declarations.

And what about the Chevin Fleet Solutions FleetWave Driver app?

Our FleetWave Driver app gives you the freedom to work wherever you are. From capturing data to accessing vital information, the app makes it easy to manage a fleet on the go. It is simple to keep updated with one-touch downloads available directly from Google Play and the App Store. Fleets can download the FleetWave Driver app on iOS or Android devices.

Will Wycks, Chief Marketing & Product Officer, Chevin Fleet Solutions

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