Roger Dyson Group produces first IVECO X-Way recovery truck

23 May 2024 #Truck

The first IVECO X-Way UK recovery truck has gone into service with Newport-based Walls Truck Services with the help of bodybuilder Roger Dyson.

Supplied by Sherwood Truck and Van, the X-Way 6×2 was sent by Roger Dyson to its heavy-duty recovery bodybuilder partner Tevor in Poland for its build before returning to the UK for final completion.

The truck has a Gross Train Weight (GTW) of 80-tonnes and is equipped with dual winches capable of lifting about 15.9 tonnes.

Its 570hp Cursor 13 engine and chassis allows this sleeper cab X-Way to easily tow coaches or fully laden 44-tonne trucks.

Also, a set of deployable hydraulic stabilisers and locking axle differentials means the X-Way can recover large vehicles from precarious situations.

The vehicle includes axle load indicators to help assess weight distribution and maintain safe towing while all heavy-duty tools and recovery equipment is stored in large chassis-side storage lockers.

Meanwhile, there is ample storage and a memory foam bed with helpful shortcut functions for key operations – such as lighting and door locks – within arm’s reach.

Features such as a microwave, fridge, food storage and charging ports for smart devices allow the driver to be self-sufficient on long-distance or overnight recovery missions.

This X-Way is currently one of six examples on order with an even more capable X-Way 8×4, complete with 100-tonne GTW, following close behind.

Roger Dyson said: “The IVECO X-Way’s performance combined with the option for three or four axles makes it an ideal heavy-duty recovery platform for our customers.”

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