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The Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Guide

Ultra low emission vehicle (ULEV) technology has moved on considerably since SMMT published the Electric Car Guide in 2011. Consumers have far greater choice than ever before with a range of hybrids, battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, alternative fuels and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the market . It is for this reason that this document has been renamed the ULEV Guide.

The automotive industry invests huge amounts of money developing and manufacturing vehicles that are not only cleaner and more fuel-efficient, but are fun to drive. SMMT has created this guide in order to ensure that the wider automotive industry, its stakeholders and motorists are kept informed of the latest developments in the world of ULEVs. This report explains the types of ULEV available, their individual benefits, as well as the practical information you need to own a ULEV, such as charging or refuelling, batteries and running costs.

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