Ford dealers to save millions through energy efficiency

31 July 2012 #SMMT News

Ford has embarked on a project with the Carbon Trust that aims to save millions across its dealer network through a simple energy efficiency implementation programme.

Working with SMMT, Carbon Trust identified that most dealerships can make savings on their energy bills of up to 10% through minimal or zero-cost activities. While modest investment could save as much as 25%.

The co-branded energy efficiency service will see Ford’s UK retail network reduce costs, improve environmental performance and enhance the customer experience. The campaign builds on Ford’s continuous work to reduce the environmental impact of its vehicles and manufacturing sites, which includes the introduction of wind turbines at Ford’s Dagenham plant and solar panels at the Bridgend plant in Wales.

Mark Ovenden, Ford of Britain Managing Director, said, “In a challenging economy, the opportunity for improving energy efficiency and reducing costs is important to Ford, its dealers, and the UK motor industry as a whole. We are looking forward to working with the Carbon Trust to deliver Ford of Britain’s lowest ever carbon footprint.”

SMMT and the Carbon Trust stated that by taking the opportunity to install new energy-efficient equipment such as lighting, heating, ventilation and cooling, the returns on investment can be surprisingly quick. For example, with new LED lighting, capital returns can often be realised in just one to three years, and ongoing maintenance savings will continue to accumulate throughout the longer lifespan of the lamps. To find out more, click through to read SMMT’s detailed Dealer Efficiency Guide.


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