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New Carrier Transicold partnership to advance trailer electrification technology

18 March 2021 #TNB News #Trailer

Carrier Transicold has agreed a strategic partnership with AddVolt to enable the development of advanced refrigeration units for use across Europe. AddVolt’s telematics-enabled technology is also compatible with Carrier’s latest Lynx digital platform, which will enable customers to enhance fleet and supply chain efficiency and sustainability by effectively utilising data.

AddVolt is behind the industry’s first plug-in electric system for transportation markets, which can reduce emissions – including noise – to enhance the efficiency of the refrigerated transport  sector.

Victor Calvo, Carrier Transicold truck trailer international president, said, “Through our agreement with AddVolt, we’re taking an important step toward the widespread commercial adoption of electric trailer refrigeration systems across Europe, which ultimately helps to create a viable pathway for customers to transition from diesel-powered units to more sustainable solutions. We’ve continued to pioneer electric technology since developing the first all-electric E-Drive system two decades ago and are ready for another step change. We’re excited to work with AddVolt to deliver the tested, game-changing technology that our customers want.”

Carrier Transicold’s eCool unit, launched in October 2020, already benefits from AddVolt’s power system and the strategic partnership will enable wider utilisation of the company’s technology. The Vector eCool recovers kinetic energy generated by the trailer’s axle and converts it into electricity, which is stored in a battery pack and used to power the refrigeration unit while emitting zero emissions.

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