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Five minutes with… Terry Rayner, Commercial Director at Locks 4 Vans

02 May 2024 #Features & Interviews

Describe what Locks4Vans does?

At Locks 4 Vans we are unique in our 100% focus on locking and shielding solutions. We exist to innovate for the industry and deliver game-changing security products that disrupt the market and are tested to the highest environmental standards, providing peace of mind to our customers.

Tell us about the L4V cargo locking solutions range?

The transportation of goods around the UK has come under increasing pressure from criminal attack. From box vans through to heavy goods vehicles, the need to protect the load space and the overnight driver is becoming an occupational hazard to many logistics companies.

In recent years, Locks 4 Vans has worked alongside major brands to develop a comprehensive range of cargo locking solutions, that are designed to improve security across this important logistics industry and enhance operator safety.

The new L4V Cargo Lock range combines the strength of our award-winning lock cylinders with robust heavy-duty fabrication, to produce a new level of security for the cargo logistics sector. These include surface mounted cargo locks, pan handle conversion kits, cargo shutter locks and electronic cargo locks.

Supported by a nationwide network of approved installers, the L4V Cargo Lock range can be fitted at the body-build stage or as an aftermarket fit. All parts come with a five-year warranty and the backing of the AA Key Assist network if you get locked out of your vehicle.

And what about your Lock in a Box product?

Locks 4 Vans is excited to expand on the fitting position options for our best-selling Hook Lock product with the new innovative ‘Lock in a Box’ configuration. Specifically designed to be installed in high fitting positions where the door is too thin for conventional Hook Lock assemblies, the ‘Lock in a Box kit delivers more choice for van owners looking to upgrade their vehicle security.

‘Lock in a Box’ fixes to the inside edge of the door to provide increased security and is available for both the side and rear loading doors. The lock sits in the dry load area and is therefore less exposed to the elements, which increases the level of security and reduces the frequency of maintenance required.

With no cutting into the van door skin required, this new Hook Lock fitting position option also presents a simpler and less invasive install.

Describe your new range of campervan security solutions?

Locks 4 Vans has been working with the award-winning campervan company Wellhouse Leisure to develop a range of security devices that solve the security problem, whilst not detracting from the styling of the vehicle. A specially designed thumb turn lock has been developed that enables the occupant to securely lock the vehicle from the inside, but to also provide easy unlocking for emergency access. No keys are required for these locks, and they incorporate a safety lock mechanism to avoid unwanted entry.

The thumb turn mechanism has been designed to fit on side doors, barn doors and tailgates for all of the popular campervan models, and can be installed either as part of the new vehicle build, or as an aftermarket fit.

Terry Rayner, Commercial Director at Locks 4 Vans

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