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Meet the Buyer

Automechanika Birmingham, 7 June 2017, NEC Birmingham

Facilitating automotive buyers and suppliers to build and retain relationships between OEMs, tier ones and the upstream


The opportunities

The UK’s supply chain is growing fast and the opportunity for automotive suppliers to invest in the UK has never been more valuable.

  • A staggering £4 billion per annum opportunity for tier one supplier business and £2 billion for upstream suppliers
  • Average UK vehicle content has grown from 36% to 41% since to 2011
  • Annual UK automotive supplier turnover has increased to an estimated £11.6 billion since 2011
  • Vehicle manufacturers are committing long-term to the UK
  • UK suppliers are providing lower risk options

To support the growth in this sector, SMMT hosts a number of Meet the Buyer events across the year to match suppliers with OEM and tier one buyers through one-to-one meetings.

Having hosted 10 events since 2010, Meet the Buyer has been a huge success and continues to gain considerable demand from both buyers and suppliers to participate year on year. This year we will be partnering with the Department for International Trade (DIT).

Our track record

Our last event took place for the first time, at the inaugural Automechanika Birmingham event, resulting in:

  • Over 1000 companies expressed interest to participate
  • Over 330 people participating
  • 355 one-to-one meetings
  • Over 200 meeting requests made on the day
  • 65% positive meeting outcomes

21 Confirmed buyers include:


For Suppliers – Free
For Buyers – Free

Upcoming events

7 June 2017 – Automechanika Birmingham, NEC, Birmingham

Be prepared – join our webinars:

SMMT will be hosting two webinars prior to the show to help attendees understand the process and
make the most of their day.

1 March 2017 | 10:00 to 11:00 AM GMT | Meet the Buyer: Explaining the application process     SLIDES | AUDIO

31 May 2017  | 10:00 to 11:00 AM GMT  | Meet the Buyer: Making the most of your day              REGISTER HERE


The application process

For suppliers

More information for suppliers ...
  1. Register for the Automechanika Birmingham show here and select the option for Meet the Buyer.
  2. Submit your interest here by 20 April 2017:
    - Create your company profile. Please note, the accuracy of this profile is crucial to securing a potential meeting with a buyer.
    - Select the core areas your business covers.
  3. Keep an eye out for updates. You will be notified via email of newly confirmed buyers and their sourcing requirements.
  4. Update your profile accordingly – log back into your company profile and ensure your core area selections are up to date as these are changed to more specific products/services dependent on what the buyers are looking to source.
  5. Select the buyers you would like to meet.
  6. If successful, you will receive an invitation for a 25 minute one-to-one meeting with the buyer onsite at the event.
  • Meetings are not guaranteed with buyers. Due to the high volume of requests, we do not email all suppliers if they are not successful with a meeting.
  • If a conflict in diaries arises/incompatible schedule, SMMT will work with both parties to arrange exchange of details, where agreed.
  • We encourage you to ensure your contact email address is correct on your profile to ensure you receive all updates.

For buyers and engineers





More information for buyers and engineers ...
  1. Register for the Automechanika Birmingham show here and select the option for Meet the Buyer.
  2. Notify us of your interest in participating by emailing us here.
  3. Detail your sourcing requirements by reviewing the commodity list (this will be emailed to you at a later stage), specify if additional requirements are needed and emailing us here.
  4. Receive list of suitable suppliers who meet your souring requirement from SMMT.
  5. Select the suppliers you wish to meet. SMMT will send invitations to those selected to arrange meetings onsite at the event, lasting 25 minutes each.
  6. Receive schedule of all your meetings and booth number to host the meetings. Each buyer can have 10-12 appointments depending on the buyer’s preference.
  • If a conflict in diaries arises, SMMT will work with both parties to arrange exchange of details, where agreed.
Not secured a meeting?

For those who were unsuccessful in the application process, or missed the deadline, you can still turn up on the day to request a meeting at the SMMT stand (no. 6F10 & 6F11) located in Hall 6 at the show. We will try our best to accommodate any requests but please note, SMMT members are given priority.

What to expect on the day

All buyers and suppliers who already have prescheduled meetings, please enter the Automechanika Birmingham show and go to the SMMT stand (no. 6F10 & 6F11) located in Hall 6. We ask that all buyers arrive by 9.45am.

Download the mobile app to view your latest appointments. Instructions to do this will be available at the SMMT stand (hall 6, stand 6F11) on the day. We will also use the app to schedule, manage and update appointments on a regular basis.

The day will have designated booth(s) to have the introductory meetings, each of which will be 25 minutes long.

In between meetings, you will be able to browse the Automechanika Birmingham show and make/request additional meetings on the day depending on requirements.