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Fourth generation Peugeot Boxer unveiled

22 April 2014 #CV Sector #News #Van

News from Peugeot: A major player in the commercial vehicle market in Europe with a very wide range, Peugeot continues the renewal of its model offer with the new Boxer.

Tested over more than two million miles and proven under extreme conditions, the quality, robustness and durability of the new Peugeot Boxer is also expressed through a resolutely modern design in the Brand’s style. Low running costs, including best fuel economy in the market, as well as competitive service contracts, ensure ‘peace of mind’ in use.

The wide range of bodies and load capacities – equal to the best in segment, and with standard equipment designed for business users, make everyday life and driving simple on board the new Peugeot Boxer. Much more than a means of transport, the new Peugeot Boxer is an essential part of business efficiency.

“The new Peugeot Boxer contributes to the Brand’s product offensive and move up-market, through its level of quality, robustness and equipment levels, associated with a modern and attractive style. It also supports our strategy of internationalisation with 30% of sales outside Europe”, said Xavier Peugeot, Peugeot Product Director.

Peugeot has a long history of vans, starting in 1950. More than 1.8 million vans have been produced, nearly a million of which are Peugeot Boxers of the 3 generations produced since 1994.

The market segment represents around 500,000 vehicles a year in Europe. It is gaining some momentum with growth of 0.24% between 2010 and 2013. During the same period, the 3rd generation Peugeot Boxer, sold since 2006, increased its market share in Europe by 0.5% and up by 1.3% since launch – with sales outside Europe growing by 35%. The new Peugeot Boxer, on sale from the second quarter of 2014, will allow this momentum to be increased.

The new Peugeot Boxer has been designed for a new era and to suit the multiple uses of business users, who have high demands in terms of quality, running costs and efficient operation in service.

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