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SDC gains EN12642XL accreditation for another trio of trailers

03 September 2014 #CV Sector #News #Trailer

News from SDC Trailers: Trailer manufacturer SDC, have added two Step Frame Double Deck trailers and their Straight Frame ‘Fastliner’ trailer to the list of EN12642XL certificated units, following successful completion of dynamic testing by German certification agency TÜV-NORD. The comprehensive structural assessment was carried out at Alconbury Airfield from 18-20 August 2014.

SDC are pleased to add the three new designs to their existing range of certificated trailers, confirming the quality, build strength and safe load containment of their trailer designs.

To achieve the EN12642XL certification, each trailer had to be fully laden with a load that became unstable at 0.2g to ensure the load is moving into the bodywork during the tests. The trailers then underwent a series of assessments including 180 degree turns, ‘S’ curves and deceleration testing.

The first certificated double-deck trailer was built to SDC’s standard construction with aluminium roof, sloping front and fixed second deck. Following this, the second step-frame had a steel roof with wrap around rear curtain design, sloping front and fixed second deck. Both of the double deck curtainsider designs were certified by TÜV-NORD to 4.95m overall height and to a payload of 29,000kg.

The third trailer to be assessed – the SDC Fastliner, comprises a straight frame curtainsider fitted with a sliding concertina aluminium plank system attached to the curtain. The system runs in the standard SDC roof rail with steel tracks attached to the side rave. The smart design from SDC eliminates the need for side posts giving a clear side aperture for loading. The concertina planks are fitted with slots/holes designed for the fitment of double decking beams or straps for roll cage retention.

From the outside SDC’s Fastliner trailer resembles their standard curtainsider, however the aluminium planks provide customers with additional load security during transit. The Fastliner trailer was tested to a 29,000kg payload – 2,000kg more than the standard continental trailer certification of 27,000kg.

During the 180-degree and ‘S’ curve assessment the lateral acceleration had to reach a minimum of 0.5g and the deceleration test 0.8g. At one point during ‘S’ curve assessment a lateral acceleration 0.61g was reached.

SDC’s Managing Director Mark Cuskeran, said, “We are pleased to be able to extend our range of EN12642XL certificated trailers, providing the customer with more choice and control in the trailer design process. We have always strived to produce the highest quality trailer on the market so I had no doubt that we would pass the dynamic testing process. We now offer a total of seven EN12642XL certificated trailer designs confirming the quality of structural build and longevity of our products.”

SDC first achieved EN12642XL accreditation in 2010, offering customers the option of an EN12642XL certificated body structure on four trailer designs including their Straight Frame Curtainsiders with fixed and sliding roof (13.6m and 15.65m), GRP box van and Platform Headboards. These units were also certified by TUV-NORD to a 29000kg payload.

Every SDC Trailer built with the EN12642XL standard will have a TUV-NORD decal on the front and rear bulkhead. The customer will also be issued with a TÜV-NORD certificate showing the approval number and the trailer chassis number. The TÜV symbol indicates that the trailer has been independently assessed and meets structural build and safety requirements.

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