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OBS Logistics launches integrated commercial vehicle app

25 March 2015 #Aftermarket #CV Show #Logistics #Top Stories

OBS Logistics will launch its VEhub mobile app for vehicle management at the CV Show 2015.

The low cost, user-friendly app has been designed to provide an entry-level fleet management system to transport operators of all sizes.

Available on Android for integration with the TomTom PRO 827x series, it extends the use of TomTom’s photo capture capacity and geo-location tracking.

Daily VOSA/DVSA vehicle checks allow drivers to capture details of any defects and plan for routine maintenance or repairs accordingly. Barcode scanning enables the location of each trailer and unit to be logged as required. In the case of an accident, the app captures all relevant information electronically.

Giles Margerison, TomTom Telematics Sales Director, said, “OBS Logistics is making optimal use of our .connect partner strategy. It has built an app that our TomTom PRO 827x customers will strongly benefit from.”

The information captured by drivers via the device is aggregated in a simple browser based management portal for print or email, reporting analysis and geo-location of key assets.


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