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Continental revises digital tachograph

22 April 2015 #Aftermarket #CV Sector #Logistics #News #Top Stories

Continental has launched a revised digital tachograph under its VDO brand. The DTCO 2.2 incorporates a number of improvements including a new front panel design, the ability to record GPS position data for some versions and remote control via a smartphone.

The revised front panel includes a single button to handle Driver Card ejection and mode activity selection. It also incorporates a revised VDO Counter, which shows the driving and rest time information for the driver at a glance. VDO says that the Counter has improved algorithms that take full account of the conditions relating to ferry and train operations. Versions intended for the aftermarket and retrofits can record GPS position data, as well as fuel consumption, the vehicle’s total weight and diagnostic data. This can then be supplied direct to the VDO TIS-Web fleet management software via the DTCO SmartLink dongle, which can be connected to the front of the tachograph.

This also enables remote operation via a smartphone, using the TIS-Web Driver app. A driver would be able to check on hours and rest information using a smartphone and also make manual entries. Manual entries are difficult to make using the four-way button on the front of the tachograph and the app makes the process far simpler. Other regular entries such as start and end, or country selection are far easier to make via the app.

Data download time from the tachograph is also improved. Continental claims that mass memory data downloads will be up to 33% quicker. Using SmartLink and TIS-Web enables downloads to be made without a telematics package.

The DTCO 2.2 will be available across Europe from July and is available to order now.

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